1HEverything I've looked for so far is on Hulu No11.23YY2ABCNABCYuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER2PEpisode 1 generaly does not require login. Later ones requires Cable ID but they don't tell you that until you try and watch something AFTER signing up for an AMC account. Episodes appear s day sooner and with less (but louder) commercials than TWC. 90 minute (on TWC) episode of Talking Dead was only 63 minutes on AMC for example and was uncensored. Sometimes commercials never even appear.Y but does not work with TWC right nowY and premiere is 1/2 offAdd on (commerical free and early access)No20.12330 daysYY but STILL does not work with Spectrum even though they sorted the login issues on the web side.35AMC1 dayNAMCY withIE but Chrome seems to not work (4/15/2019)user@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER3FYNo3123Y and Spectrum login works even when AMC is not.27BBCABBCAMYuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER4F47BBCWBBCWuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER5FYNote you seem to be able to cast from phone app but not from web appFree, has commercialsNSee CBS All Access5NGenerally last 5 episodes of current season only.N29CBSNCBSYuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER6PYSame as CBS.com plus some older stuff and one exclusive Star Trek series.Pay access is Limited commercials $5.99/mth no commercials $9.99/mthYNYNo6NVaries wildly from 1 show to several seasons on some of the old stuff.With paid access only29CBS all accessNCBSLast 5 free with commercials or last 7 with subscriptionuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER7NYSpectrum dropped from line up 2/15/2019 Web interface uses Shockwave which seems to have a lot of issues keeping up so buffers and stutters. You will probably need to restart the browser every episode or so. Note Edge seems to work a bit better then Chrome.NNY If subscribed, Note Spectrum listed as Charter SpectrumYYes you need to add episodes instead of seriesNo7NN0CinemaxhoursNMAXYuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER8F80CNNCNNuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER9FYCommercial have become VERY long.YNNo9Y2Comedy Central Full Episodes2 daysNCOMEDYYuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER10CReduced commercials but same ones over and over lke Hulu. PiHole seems to be blocking commercials in web app.YYNo10NNY but iffy (not working again 6/1/19)41CWNCWYuser@dea42.com1Test UserROLE_USER